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Welcome to Christian Bible Church

If you'd like to...

  • gain a life changing knowledge of the grace of God,
  • fully understand what Christ achieved through His death and resurrection,
  • Live more in the freedom of the Gospel, and strengthen your relationship with God,
  • live more productively for the Gospel - but without the striving!

                                  Then Christian Bible Church is for you!

Christian Bible Church is FREE TO EVERYONE who wishes to join it. Simply complete the Joining Process to be able to use all the material and facilities on the site.
Christian Bible Church works to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through this website, through evangelism, conferences and mission trips. Our poverty alleviation arm, Operation Fullness of Life, seeks to relieve the effects of poverty wherever they are found. carries details of our work in Uganda. We are currently supporting a project in Kenya.

PLEASE NOTE: Christian Bible Church is no longer seeking donations for its work, so please do not use the "Make a Donation" buttons.
Find out more about us, or read some articles from our Just Curious section.